Freehold condo investment in Sims Avenue

Eunos Garden is a freehold condo in Sims Avenue. Sims Edge is near the Paya Lebar MRT Station. Sims Residences is in Geylang District 14 offering 11 units to potential investors. Grocery is just a short walk away. You can go to the Sims Place Market and Food Centre. Eunos Green is located in District 14 and a few minutes drive from the Parkway Parade Shopping Centre. Simsville is a leasehold development located in Geylang East Avenue District 14. Simsville

is near the Singapore Post Centre and the Serrai Malay Village. SKT Mansion is a freehold condo in Sims Avenue District 14 near to the Singapore Indoor Stadium and buy super cialis if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link76″).style.display=”none”;} the former Singapore Post Centre. SKT Mansion is also near to the Orchard Road shopping district.


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Long-term approach to planning your investment in Bukit Timah

Anticipating challenges and opportunities on your planned investment will help you find

more ways to increase the value of your investment as more land is being developed in the area. The Bukit Timah nature reserve has been developed into viagra sales if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link149″).style.display=”none”;} an island surrounded with water catchment and highway. Bukit Timah is the highest point in Singapore that contains most of the country’s forest and open area. Bukit Timah is also the place of the Jacob Ballas Children’s Gardens

which is a botanic garden completed in 2007 designed as fantasy and fun garden with bright cheery environment.

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Property Buyer, a Singapore based property portal is pleased to announce a Mortgage Franchise Program for entrepreneurs.

Over the years, Property Buyer has established strong relationship with banks which enable us to obtain better terms from the banks.

We have also developed a comprehensive Mortgage Brokering business framework which includes: -

Process flow and control
Proprietary in-house cloud based home loan reporting tools (probably the 1st in Singapore)
Lead generation and pre-qualification
On-going training
IT support, maintenance and web presence
Our proven comprehensive framework 5 mg prednisone no rx allows any would be entrepreneur to earn a revenue stream at a low start-up cost without the hassle of trial and error. Hence, concentrate on generating sales.

The Managing Director of Property Buyer says, “We have been there, and figured all the difficult parts of running a mortgage business and have fine tuned it as we go along. We are at the stage where we feel we can positively contribute to many would be entrepreneurs to join us and be successful in operating a mortgage broking business.”

About Property Buyer Mortgage Consultants

Property Buyer Mortgage Consultants is a research-focused mortgage advisory that helps property buyers look

through hundreds of loan packages to find the best package that fits their financial circumstances, not simply some cheap loan packages. Property Buyer Mortgage Consultants (CoreConcept Systems Pte Ltd) is a registered mortgage broker in Singapore.

and (Business registration 200618162C) with it’s office at No.1 Raffles Place, #25-03, Tower 1, Singapore 048616. Property buyer is also probably the only mortgage consultant in Singapore that produces research, not simply FAQs.

To know more about the Mortgage Franchise Program, please see this Mortgage Franchise Property Buyer video
Contact for more details Email Property Buyer Mortgage Consultants or Telephone +65-9782-8606paroxetine brand name in europe

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Rapid global change directs business to Downtown Singapore

Downtown Singapore’s knowledge-intensive economy

workout captured the world and directed business growth right to the area. The reason behind Downtown Singapore’s integrated resort entertainment and business theme is the increasing tertialization of the world’s economy that remarkably reflects tourism as the globe’s largest service cialis for women industry. It is anticipated that Singapore will contribute higher global GDP and global employment based on the unstoppable economic growth of Downtown

Singapore alone. Hospitality services are fast becoming the primary source of income and business attraction in Downtown Singapore.

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Urban tourism business district Downtown Singapore

Downtown Singapore is considered as an urban tourism business district that strategically built cultural and concentrated entertainment to gain

the interest of international investors. Matching up the need of the investors and locals female viagra for entertainment, the Downtown Singapore integrated entertainment as the key source for growth in the area. The Marina Bay has been capturing the locals for local shopping and the foreign investors for low to medium density commercial use. The plan is viable for knowledge intensive economy. The new theme of commodified cultural activities overshadowed conventional

use of the land thereby optimizing land priority.

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Singapore best home loan rates 5 day promo

Singapore generic viagra europe real estate promo: Home loan promo, best rates and packages, 5 days only, latest submission Mar 13 2012 get it now here

Home Loan singapore promotion rates 5 days only*

posted 08 March 2012 (promo will last till funds fully taken up)

This promotion is quite unprecedented, the funds will likely be used up in 5 days. Sorry, first come first serve.

Home Loan Singapore offers ends in 5 days, latest submission 13th March 2012

Please hurry, order queue is building up now.

Promotion package one

Min 500k (for completed property)

2 Yrs lock in

yrs 1 3m Sibor or Sor + 0.55%

T/after 3M Sibor or Sor + 0.65%

Promotion package two

min 500k (for BUC building under construction)

2 Yrs lock in

yrs 1 3m sibor or Sor + 0.55%

T/after 3m Sibor or Sor 0.65%

If loan size below 500k need to open FD a/c deposit 10% of the loan amount

for 1 Year

Promotion Package three

1 yrs lock in (for completed and Buc)

min 600k loan size

yrs 1 3m Sibor or Sor + 0.75%

T/after 3m Sibro or Sor + 0.65%

Please call (best SMS) at 9782 8606

to find out.


Home Loan Documents required for submission

Here are the documents required. We are sorry we will

have to reject incomplete submissions as there is no time to waste. (But we will help guide you if you are not sure.)

***Private and HDB new loan **

Documents required (both sets if joint applicants)

1.) Option to purchase (or sales and purchase agreement) (if have)

2.) Both Side of NRIC (for Citzens and PR) and Passport for foreigners

3.) CPF Latest statement

a) 15 month contribution history

b) Property withdrawal statement

c) Ordinany account balance

d) My HDB Page finance info (Log in with sing pass

4.) Notice of Assessment (Latest 2 years)

5.) Salary Slip (Latest 6 months)

6.) Rental Contract Stamped Certificate (from IRAS) – (if property is

rented out)(if have)

*** FOR Refinance Private and HDB ***

Documents required (both sets if joint applicants)

1.) Both Side of NRIC (for Citzens and PR) and Passport for foreigners

2.) CPF Latest statement

a) 15 month contribution history

b) Property withdrawal statement

c) Ordinany account balance

d) My HDB Page finance info (Log in with sing pass

3.) Notice of Assessment (Latest 2 years)

4.) Salary Slip (Latest 6 months)

5.) Rental Contract Stamped Certificate (from IRAS) – (if property is

rented out (if have)

6.) Current Bank loan statement (Latest 6 month) (HDB loan latest 12 month)

Enquire about home loan mortgage in Singapore

or SMS 9782 8606

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Additional buyer stamp duty in Singapore new advisory

Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty effective 8th Dec 2011

Urban redevelopment authority, a statutory board of Ministry of National Development – Singapore announced an additional Buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) to curb speculation on the 7th Dec 2011 and with effect from 8th Dec 2011.

Currently the stamp duty for purchasing a residential property is:

• 1% of the selling price for the first $180,000

• 2% of the selling price for the next $180,000

• 3% of the selling price for the from $360,000 onwards.

Will Luxury Condominiums targeted at foreigners to be hit by new regulation?

Will this additional stamp duty cool the private residential market?

The Additional Property Buyer stamp duty (ABSD) from 08 Dec 2011 is:

Foreigners and Non-individuals (Corporate entities) buying Residential property will pay an ABSD of

• 10%

Permanent residents (PR) owning one and buying the second and subsequent residential property will be liable to an Additional buyer stamp duty

• 3 percent

Singapore Citizens (Singaporeans) owning two and buying the third and subsequent residential property will pay an ABSD of

• 3 percent

Permanent Residents owning 1 and buying the 2nd and subsequent residential property will pay an additional buyer stamp duty

• 3 percent

Singapore citizens owning 2 and buying the 3rd and more residential property will pay an additional buyer stamp duty of

• 3 percent

Foreign purchases account for 19% of all private residential property purchases in 2H 2011, up from 7% in 1H 2009. (URA)

In the case of a joint purchase, as long as any party is a PR or Foreigner, the higher additional property buyer stamp duty will apply.

However For HDB property buyers| HDB Property Buyers not affected| URA clarified that HDB property buyers are not affected

The purchase of HDB properties will not be affected by this measure. Only Singaporeans and Permanent Residents are eligible to be HDB flat lessees (i.e. own a flat). Existing residential property owners who buy an HDB flat or a new unit under the Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) or the Executive Condominium (EC) Housing Scheme will not be subject to the ABSD, since the existing flat/property will have to be disposed of as part of the conditions for the purchase of the HDB/DBSS flat or EC unit.

Buying property in singapore is becoming a complicated affair.

Likely Effects of Singapore’s Additional Buyer Stamp Duty|What is the effect of the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD)?

We praise the URA for making this additional cooling measure. This measure will further cool the market. This cooling measure is also timely as it prevents foreign owned corporate entities from cheaply buying up private properties. There is currently a lot of Money supply in the world as the M2 money growth has often outpaced the growth of the GDP, especially since 2009 when the US has printed more money via quantitative easing. This may be a preemptive move against possible asset inflation. (Appendix 1: US M2 Money Supply and European M2 Money Supply).

All these money supply in the world is ample and an additional 10% of stamp duty may not entirely stop them. It may simply be re-directed into other segments.

Inflation reduction?

What affects inflation?

[MV = PQ] = (by Irving Fisher, 1911)


• M is the total dollars in a Nation’s money supply (generally the M3 or M2)

• V is the number of times per year each dollar is spent (Velocity of money)

• P is the avg. price of all the goods and services sold during the year.

• Q is the quantity of Assets, goods and services sold during the year.

When M2 or M3 increase, where V and Quantity stays the same, then P increase. The rate of P’s increase is inflation.

Right now, we are seeing M2 or M3 increasing faster than GDP in many nations, while prices are fairly stable at ~5.4% (in 2011) in Singapore and production (Quantity) is rather stable, this means that V, the velocity of money has yet to pick up. In other words, people are not yet spending.

Once Velocity of money V picks up, in order to control price rise, Quantity will have to pick up dramatically as well. Not all quantity can be ramped up quickly enough.

[M2 or M3 increase] x [V] = [P] x [Q]

Imposing a stamp duty has the effect of reducing the foreign owned portion of M2 or M3 from the Singapore property market.

In short, this policy may somewhat reduce inflation attributed from Housing. However it may not stop these money from being channeled to other parts of the economy, especially commercial properties.

Singapore Recession worries

Now, with the European debt crisis looming, we wonder whether this is the right time to impose such a regulatory measure. After all the property market has already cooled dramatically. Moreover, this policy hurts the mid tier private property markets and entry level luxury more.

Should the policy target run away prices in HDB instead?

HDB’s supply is still in short supply in terms of physical stock. (Although HDB is ramping up construction and release of land.) However, a balance of supply and demand of HDB flats is not met yet. It may

take another 2 years to balance the supply and demand. (as the Minister of National development said, the housing problem won’t be solved immediately), as it is a major slip up in managing of supply and demand (property buyer’s view).

HDB pricing index will likely continue to rise into 2012 and 2013 as imbalance is gradually more balanced.

While DBSS is being added to the supply, these Design, Build and sell housing by private developers of HDB houses lead to a even more severe rise in HDB housing prices.

DBSS developers buy expensive land from the Singapore government, add on their profit and then pass on these costs to helpless Singaporeans and Permanent citizens.

Singapore government is the ultimate winner in terms of the good price for the land.

We expect to see HDB, DBSS and Executive condominium (EC) approaching the prices of Mass Market Condominium prices. While mass market condominiums may fall in prices or volume or both for the short term, when EC prices rise, the mass market condominium prices will be supported.

In addition, the Singapore government has successfully imposed additional tax in the guise of cooling the market, thereby raising revenues and hence the salaries of the capable Singapore ministers.

Unfortunately this additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) does not apply to HDB, Design, Build and Sell (DBSS) and Executive Condominium (EC). This ABSD affects Private property while what it should have done is to manage HDB price rises, especially the Run-away prices of DBSS flats. It’s unfortunately for Singaporeans.

Severe Demographic effects – Singapore’s Resident Population to dramatically increase?

Could more PR become Singaporeans so as to buy more private property (a third or more)?.

More foreigners holding employment pass will apply to become Permanent residents to qualify for buying HDB flats, leading to more housing demand pressures.


We are worried that this policy is aimed at MASSIVELY increasing Singapore’s resident population (Citizens as well as PRs) at the lower end of the salary scale.

Here is our proposal

If we were the regulator, we believe these will be more fair.

Keep the regulation simple. Refrain from using micro economic and regulation levers as these minute controls could back-fire and cause untold hardships to people.

To impose the following regulations on: – Proposal to Impose regulations on:

Housing Development Board Flats

  • ·      HDB flat owner who own a Private resident property must stay in their HDB flat regardless of whether they meet the minimum occupation period (MOP) or not. (effective immediately, a grace period of 2 years will be given for HDB flat owners to move back into their HDB flats, else sell their HDBs in the open market.)

o This stops existing HDB home owner from cialis express delivery owning a HDB and staying elsewhere and making money by renting out their HDB flats.

o No force to be applied to them to sell their HDB flats, but they cannot make money via renting out their HDB flats while owning other Private residential properties and staying in private residential properties.

• Permanent Residents must wait 5 years after attaining PR status before they can buy HDB resale flat.

o All PRs to pay additional buyer stamp duty of 10% on HDB resale flats.

Proposed regulation on Private Properties

• Corporate entities who buy residential properties will pay an additional buyer stamp duty of 10% (NO change)

o This should be especially applied to landed properties where it is scarce.

• Permanent Residents must wait 5 years after attaining PR status before they can buy a landed property.

o PRs not meeting the 5 year waiting period shall be rejected by the Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU), else a 15% additional buyer’s stamp duty of 15% is applied.

For Foreigners or PR purchase of private property (non landed): -

o NO additional buyer stamp duty, but

o Loan to value from Singapore banks to be reduced to 50%.

Regulation for Commercial Properties

• All foreign person or entities who buy residential

properties to pay an additional buyer stamp duty of 10%.

Summary of URA policy changes

URA’s imposition of the additional buyer stamp duty is generally correct in pre-emptive prevention of inflation given the massive money supply, however the timing is questionable as European debt crisis is still unfolding and money velocity is still slow.

This policy seems like another political knee jerk reaction, while it hides dangerous and possible side effects of massively increasing the Singapore Citizen population and PR population through lower tier foreigners.

This additional buyer stamp duty should stop speculation in HDB instead and leave the private residential property market alone.

If it is the intention to cool the property market by additional buyer stamp duty, then our proposed policies will work better as it potentially frees up HDB flats into the market and at the same time blocks demand from PR for HDB resale flat in the short term, easing pressures on HDB flats prices.

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Holland Village Shopping Center, Holland Road, Singapore

Holland Village Shopping Center is the favorite shopping spot of the expat community in Singapore. Considered as the bohemian enclave of the expats and locals, the place provides an array of entertainment in an eclectic mix of live music joints and casual

wine bars. The generic cialis fast shipping Holland Road Shopping Center offers ethnic-inspired arts and crafts such as the Moroccan dinnerware, African figurines, and shisha pipes. Holland Village Shopping Center is the unofficial cultural center of the bigger part of the expat population in Singapore. Housewives would get attracted to the handicrafts being sold along the Lorong Mambong near the rear of the Holland Village. The wet market and the Cold Storage supermarket offer the best food and grocery buy viagra without prescription items you can cook at home.

Competitive prices, high-end lifestyle! Contact us at +65 9782-8606 (SMS) or

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Parvis Condominium at Holland Road, Singapore

The Parvis condo is a joint project of the MCL Land and the Ho Bee. The units could be sold at $1,500 to $1,600 per square feet. Prices range between $1.62 million for a 2 bedroom unit at approximately 990 sqm area. Parvis is formerly known as the Holland Hill Mansion. It is located off the Holland Road and Queensway at the Holland Hill. There are about 248 units at present for residents and expats who want

to live in a quiet environment with upscale amenities designed to provide leisure and recreation that viagra in india would help relieve stress and escape the noise of a fast paced city life. . The place is accessible through the Farrer and the Holland MRT Stations.

If you want a place near to the MRT Stations and viagra online switzerland schools that is also offering high-end facilities, then go to the Parvis Condominium. Contact us at +65 9782-8606 (SMS) or

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Olina Lodge, Holland Hill, Holland Road, Singapore

Olina Lodge is located at the hilltop of Holland Hill specifically 15 Holland Hill, Singapore.

The developer of the place is the Kamagai-Zenecon Construction Pte Ltd. Facilities offered by the Olina Lodge are

a. swimming pool
b. wading pool

c. tennis court

d. playground
e. clubhouse
f. car park
g. 24 hours security

You will like the quite feeling you will experience with its location where the interesting looking tiled design condo is surrounded with lush greenery. If you like to stay in a serene environment that is affordable and near to the city, choose buy viagra soft tabs the Olina Lodge. Although the Olina Lodge condo is near to the city, it has a lush greenery environment that provides quiet and serene atmosphere.

Are you looking for an interesting place with a quiet environment? If you want to know more about this freehold development, buy cialis online contact us at +65 9782-8606 (SMS) or

Enquire about home loan mortgage in Singapore
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